Monday, May 18, 2015

Pro EU supporters have started

How Britain's 1million migrant voters could decide the outcome of the referendum on leaving the EU

  • Ministers urged to allow only British citizens to take part in the referendum
  • EU citizens living here are allowed to vote in local and European elections
  • Government will decide who can vote when it publishes Referendum Bill

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I have already warned that the Pro Europeans who want to keep us in the EU would stoop to any lengths to prevent us having a fair debate on our membership, they will be funded by the EU.
Already they and their supporters who say if we leave the EU, all companies will move from GB WHAT RUBBISH? Now they are trying to  rig the Electoral system by allowing Non UK Citizens to vote in the referendum. WHY should some one who not a UK Citizen vote on an issue that effects our country? Why should non UK Citizen have a vote in our country and their own country HOW is that DEMOCRATIC?

Many think it is a forgone conclusion that those who wish to leave the EU will win. If there was a vote tomorrow that would be the case. Yet the longer we take to to have a referendum the more time the Pro EU lobby and the EU Propaganda Machine will be able to produce inaccurate untruths and use a campaign of fear to convince people that they must stay in the EU. There are many of us who do not want to have a United States of Europe and see the UK be broken up into nothing more then gloried County Councils of the EU. The Pro EU lobby does not believe in Country they believe in a masive undemocratic state called the European Union, their motto is  DEVIDE AND CONQUER

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