Friday, May 22, 2015

Trapped in a bed

At my caravan again this weekend but with a difference I have my youngest Grandchildren coming down and sleeping over. So obviously I have to give up my bed and sleep in the awning. There was no way I was sleeping on the floor so I invested in a Fold Up Z BED. What the advert did not mention was a weight allowance. Any rate I unpacked the Bed and clever dick Valerie said that will not take your weight, what does she know? Well guess what? went to get on the bed and it collapses and the wooden struts broke leaving me in a huddle and trapped took 5 minutes with help to get up. It seems maximum weight was 16 stone a weight I was at 16 (I might add I was not fat just big not an ounce of fat). You will be pleased to note I was not injured in the process of these photo's 

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