Saturday, May 23, 2015

Martin is Racist Inbred Violence loving worthless S@@thead Well Sue thinks s

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  • But Martin, you are all those things! I say that
  • , not because of my political bias, but based on evidence. I only have

  •  look at your 'blog' to find the evidence..
  • Martin Clarke

Well you do not read my Blogs very well because I do not believe in Gay Marriage and believe Gays get preferential treatment makes me Homophobic which means fear of Homosexuals? that being the case why have I employed Homosexuals and rented rooms in my house to them and had them for Christmas dinner 

Where can you point to any Blog where I have been racist, sexist? 

Islamophobia yes this means fear of Islam well yes I am afraid of ISIS who follow Islam I would have thought any sane person would be. 

Xenophobic fear of foreigners is this because I believe we should leave the EU and feel our Island is overcrowded? I have German Mother Irish grandfather German relatives and friends throughout the Judo and Sambo World. 

Sexist because I treat women with respect? 

Bible Thumping is this because I have mentioned that I am a Christian? Please tell me which Blog I have written that try to convert people to Christianity You can not. 

Inbred this is rather insulting to my parents as they are no longer alive I will have to defend their reputation My mother was born in Germany her name was Schuller her mothers maiden name was Brandt, my father was born in England Father W Clarke mother maiden name Parker so how can you call me an inbred? 

Bigoted means obstinately attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, and intolerant towards other people's beliefs and practices, have to admit I very much like you in this instance. 

Violence Loving is this because I do Sambo Judo and Jiu Jitsu? If this is the case your Husband who is a very high grade in Karate must be the same in your eyes. 

Worthless S@@Thead I obviously do not think so but some may think so. 

You have not proved anything and all those that read my blog will agree I just wonder whether you should be making liabolous comments on facebook

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