Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bulgarian a hard worker

I do not apologise for the fact that I think immigration is out of control and agree with UKIP that we need something like the Australian system, I also believe that bringing in cheap labour from abroad is keeping wages low and British Workers are being discriminated against


Because of my involvement with Russian Sport of Sambo, which has a very large following in Eastern Europe, I meet a lot these people in the UK because they want to carry on the sport. I was talking to Bulgarian Sambo Players who has been the UK for 10 years and has several Businesses and I asked how did he manage that?  He told me after University he came here with £80, he worked on a Farm during the day and at night he was a courier. After a few years he had enough money to start his own courier firm and now has that plus 3 other businesses.. My question if a foreigner can do why cannot a Brit do the same?

Friends of mine own a Restaurant they wanted staff and believed in giving work to Brits. The new Brit employees lasted a week they just was not up to the job, cigarette breaks, finishing early, wrong orders disrespectful to customers now they are looking for Polish staff.

Yes I believe we should pay our workers the living wage but Brits have to realise they have to learn to work and not keep blaming others

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