Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Feminists loses

Many of you will have followed my many debate with a Left Wing Feminist. Something I really enjoyed but near the end instead of attacking my arguments she started attacking me and my parents when that happens you know you are winning the argument. This happened on other occasions when I have entered debates with these Left Wing Academics, they all seem so pompous in believing because they are Academics they are superior to ordinary people like you and me.

This intelligent Ladies defriended me on Facebook no surprise their as I could see by her comments she was very angry and frustrated but what did surprise me was the reason she left.

On one of my posts I copied in a photograph BAN THE BURKA, she replied “time I left”. She obviously objected to the comment but why? The Burka is a symbol of the oppression and degradation of women in some parts of the Moslem world, I would have thought that was one subject we would agree on

Those Lefties are a strange and they have got worse since they got a right beating in the election, just proving they out of touch with the people

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