Thursday, May 28, 2015

Right to buy

Someone on Facebook was condemning the right to buy and suggesting people live on £2.50p a day her is my Reply

Have you read the legislation if you have why 

are you talking

nonsense If you live in a Council house or Housing 

association and then buy the house you are still living in the 

house, the house has not been lost you are still living there. 

In fact those buying these house are doing a social good as 

the money they paid for a house will most probably build one 

or even two houses which can be rented. Can you see the 

logic Buy one get one free or this case maybe two. Its a win 

win situation and the tax payer doesnot have to fund the new 

house or houses being biult. Where do you get the £2.50p a 

day I rent flats those unemployed get full housing benefit of 

£470 pcm plus most of their Council and Job seekers 

allowance is about £68 a week for a single man which is 

about £185 per week or £26.42 a day plus unemployed have 

many other benefits like free dental care, free NI etc. Not a 

great deal to live on I agree but benefit was never meant to 

be life choice These tenants manage on that money by 

being frugal. In the 1970’s I had a wife and 3 children my 

weekly wage in to days money £250 and the only state help 

my family got was Child Benefit and I survived frugally but 


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