Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gay Mafia at it again

Christian-owned bakery which refused to make 'Bert and Ernie' gay marriage cake found GUILTY of discrimination

  • Ashers Baking Company guilty of discrimination for refusing to make cake
  • Christian-owned firm refused to 'go against the bible' for gay marriage cake
  • Judge made landmark ruling after bakery was taken to court by Gareth Lee
  • He ordered a cake which featured an image of Sesame Street puppets Bert and Ernie below the motto 'Support Gay Marriage' but order was rejected

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Can you believe this once again a very small minority are treading down the rights of the Majority because this is  what this ruling is all about. As a businessman, tradesman I should have the right to deal with whom and what  I like. Where ever you look Gay people and there life style are being promoted as main stream, look at the soaps, even come dine with me has Gay people in nearly every edition yet the ONS say there is only 1.5% of the population is Gay. What is more important is this legislation take way the freedom of the individual on who they wish to associate with

What next someone who asks for a cake with support ISIS being refused and then taking the baker to court, could a Christian have a caked made saying I disagree with Same Sex Weddings or Homosexuality is a Sin I bet you can not

The problem is the Baker was to honest what he should have said "Sorry we are to busy" then the Pink Mafia would not be able to sue. The Militant Gays supported by their Left Wing friends aleinate the public and make life hard for those Gays who just want to live their life

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