Friday, May 01, 2015

Kids Go to School with No Breakfast

I have just heard a report saying  tens of thousands of Kids go to school hungry, Teachers are bringing in food because children arrive at school hungry, the country needs more breakfast clubs. GUESS WHO IS TO BLAME you have it the Conservative Government


The reason Kids go hungry is because of very bad parenting. Parents of these kids who go to school hungry are to lazy to make them a breakfast or have gone to work before the kids leave for school.
Now tell me how much does it cost to make a child a couple of pieces of Toast and Butter with a Cup of Tea or glass of Milk or better still have a bowl of hot porridge next to nothing
Why is that once again people do not take responsibility for themselves and their families, why should Government be responsible for bringing up children that is the parents job.
If a child comes to school hungry after having no breakfast at home Social Services should be knocking at the parents house and asking why. For me this is a case of Child neglect.
The problem is the left-wing Guardianists want the state to control you from Birth to Death

When my kids were young in the 1970’s my wife and myself had to live on a very tight budget BUT our children never went hungry and I would hang my head in shame if it ever happened

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