Wednesday, May 06, 2015

You must Vote

I am surprised how many people I know who are not voting or have not even registered to Vote and the two favourite comments "I can not be bothered" this to me is just shear laziness especially as you can now get a postal vote, the second comment is "They are all the same" that is one of the most stupid comments you will ever hear, if these numbskulls had bothered reading or listening they will realise that there is a great deal of difference

The time has come to make voting a legal requirement and to look once again at our First past the post system. When there was just 2 major parties the present system worked but with several minor parties taking many votes  there voice needs to be heard, we could get the situation where UKIP could get thousands of more votes then the dreaded stalinist SNP and only get a handful of MP's while the SNP get 50. Now you can not call that democratic.

I dread the thought of an Ultra Left Labour/SNP government turning us into the Soviet Union of Great Britain this leaves me with dread. You have to face the facts this could happen not all voters in GB are sensible, there are plenty of Left Wing Academics who rely on Government to pay there wages or should I say Salary and see a Labour/SNP government as a gravy train for more money, lets not forget those on benefit, as the SNP want to increase benefit payments at the expense of hardworking Tax payers. Plus as the Labour/SNP do not want a EU referendum there will thousands of recent immigrants who have just got UK passports, they will vote for them.


How YOU can vote tactically to keep out Red Ed: Constituency by constituency guide to the 50 key seats that will help keep Labour out of Number 10

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