Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lefties and scotland

Why is that the Lefties/Communist do not accept the election result, we have all those Champaign Millionaire socialists like Brand and Church complaining, we have a few hundred in a violent demonstration in London all companioning about a democratic election. These lefties are not interested in Democracy they are interested in a LeftWing dictatorship good job the left is a dying breed.

The present electoral system has thrown up some usual results, the third largest party was UKIP which only got one MP, the SNP who were the forth largest party got 53 MP's. The electoral system has to change otherwise groups like the Lefties will become even more violent, as violence is the only thing they understand.

How can they do either? They may have won 53 seats but that is not enough to push any legislation through even if they got the backing of all the other parties and lets be honest LABOUR will never support them. I expect what they will do is to put lots of Pro Scotland ideas forward knowing they will fail and they can return to Scotland and say how bad the English are. This will prepare them for the next successful referendum

If Cameron wants to keep Scotland in the Union he needs to scrap the Barnet Formulae and give the Scots fiscal autonomy, this will give the Scots some idea of how Scotland would survive without the support of the rest of the UK

When the Scots had the Referendum I like the most of the UK wanted them stay in the UK but that is not the case now. If the UK as a whole had a referendum on whether we wanted to keep the Scots in the UK I expect there would be a large percentage would say lets get rid of them. Scotland is a large beautiful Country but it has only 5 million people compared with the rest of the UK which is £60 million do we really want to be associated with a Marxist Scottish Government? I do not think so.

To suggest that the success of the SNP is not anti English vote and a precursor of another referendum is ridiculous and if the SNP has a wipeout in the next Scottish Parliament Election 2016 it will be seen a vote to leave the UK. I can not wait

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