Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why pay Tax Crtedits

Why do we Taxpayers have to pay for people to work? I refer to TAX CREDITS.

Tax Credits keep wages artificially low so Business can pay low wages and keep their profits high

If we paid the current London living wage, which is £9.15p and hour (Not a massive amount) as the minimum wage we could scrap Tax Credits saving the Country a lot of money

Now I know some business will say we cannot afford it as we would have to put up our prices. SO? Everyone’s prices would increase and yes everything would be more expensive but people would have more money in their pocket and could decide what they want to spend. Plus with the saving on Tax Credits maybe VAT could be reduced
In the 1970’s I had a wife and 3 children my weekly wage in to days money £250 and the only state help my family got was Child Benefit and I survived frugally but comfortably

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