Sunday, December 30, 2012

3348 hits in November plus Falling Police Standards

3448 thats how many people read my Blog last month not bad

The Standard of Police Officer has been declining since they brought in positive discrimination, choosing Police on their sexual orientation, ethnicity and sexual gender rather then selecting the best person for the Job will always lead to a drop in standard. I could not care whether someone is Homosexual, a women or member of a ethnic minority I just want the right person for the Job. 

Surely the time has come for every borough to vote for their own Sheriff who will be responsible to the local community rather then have a Chief Constable who wants to get involved in Politics and becoming a social service rather then stick their job of Policing. 

As for the discredited Police Commissioner this as the election has proved has NO public support, let us wait and see how much extra money they will cost us

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne 

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