Friday, December 21, 2012

Benefits 1%

The Government want to restrict unemployment and other benefits to just 1% rise which I believe is sensible Yet Labour want to make the rise higher then those who are working? Have they not realized that one reason some of these people  stay on benefit is because they receive more money for not working By increasing the benefit will only encourage these people to stay unemployed. Another good idea is a card system given to Alcoholics and Druggies which they can only spend their benefit on Food etc. I notice all the liberals and lefties do not like this, they would rather give them money for their habits. Their argument is they will sell the card, Well let them go hungry everyone has one thing in this country or it used to have FREEDOM OF CHOICE. I do not rate this government but can you imagine a Labour Government with some of the wacky ideas they have plus lets not forget they got us into the mess,  lets be honest the next government will be a Labour so I suggest you start putting your money into Dollars or Gold, start barricading your house against burglar and junkies and be very careful what you say or right and beware of the thought Poice

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