Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I watched the first of the series FEAR on Channel 4 it was about gangsters in Brighton nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was it involves a criminal gang Albanians, showing how violent this group of people are. Most of these programs although fiction have their base in fact and give an insight to what can happen in the future. Albanians in this country are in this country illegally, there culture is based on criminality (these are the words of the EU) so what is going to happen in 2014 when Romania and Bulgaria are allowed into this country legally?

It seems that society are told to look down on Mothers who stay at home looking after their children, I am old fashioned and feel the most important thing a mother can do is to look after and care for her children, the most important thing a father can do is to support his family Yet mothers on having given birth are expected to return to work within weeks and the children put into the care of others.  So are we moving don the road of group parenting? this is where you breed children then stick them in to big coral and let the state look after them, parents pay for them and just give them the occasional social visit.

Countless experts and surveys prove that children brought up in a happy family within marriage and with a mother at home are the most happiest, most successful and well balanced. I know this is not always possible but why do we not aim for the most ideal instead of going to the lowest possible denominator? The EU  intend banning Enid Blytons Famous 5 books because they depict the above as a normal family another reason to leave the EU  

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