Saturday, December 29, 2012

Honours Going Cheap

The Honours list is becoming a joke, with gongs being handed to gain votes for the next election. Why do Civil Servants get Honours for doing their job a well paid one with a good pension, my Father in Law worked all his life in the Paper Mills he did not get any honour. As for the Olympic Gold medallists getting awards what about the rest of the British Team who worked just as hard and gave up just as much as the Gold Medallist do they not deserve something?
 Seems I am not the only one who thinks like this see some of the comments from newspapers

Comments from Daily Mail

I am sorry ,,, yes these people have worked hard for years and they have already received their awards with Olympic medals etc, they should now work on in what ever sport either directly or as trainers etc then after several more years they may deserve recognition Jo0hn Cherrington Lausanne Suisse

How can anyone mention murray in the same breath What a joke

So can I be made a dame the next time I have a good day at work?

Wiggins? The same guy that gave the public the middle finger?

I'm surprised Wiggo is accepting this honour - after the discourteous way he turned his back on the Duchess of Cambridge once he'd grabbed his award for Sports Personality of the Year, I thought he'd be joining the ranks of those who turn them down.

This madness needs to stop. These people choose to spend their lives doing something they love; some win medals, some make millions. End of. Nothing more required.

The Honours system has been debased, particularly with knighthoods. We may no longer be in medieval times but the criteria for awarding knighthoods should be unchanged: OUTSTANDING achievements, loyalty and services to the country. It's now become a farce in too many instances. And why is Coe, already a Knight, being given the very high and exclusive award of Companion of Honour - supposed to be bestowed for services of national importance. What has he done to merit this? Chair the Olympic Committee, for which job he was extremely well paid? And let's not forget the shameful security fiasco.

Comments from The Sun

I just put the bins out, where's my knighthood?

the usual bunch, sportsmen and women who are currently popular, business cronies of the govt, even the bankers who got us in this mess. the honours system is an outdated farce for people who like to maintain britains class system, but it really is a joke to think you get knighted for riding a bike, when thousands get a pittance and no recognition working to save lives in the nhs and fire brigade

cant see why they get anything they done there job nothing more nothing less

Mo can go back to his own country and get his knighthood, as far as I am concerned, he is not British and just another uninvited guest in OUR country


Obscene when all is said and done. They mean so little now, given out to jelly babies to people who just are not worthy.. Pass, its just so tacky and pathetic. I wouldn't bow to anyone just for a thing round my neck. Danny Boyle had right idea suppose.
CBE ...  for Cherie Blair... what has she done apart from make millions out of the HRA.....
This woman had nothing but contempt for our monarch.......................
Time these honours went to the real people in life who keep the cog wheels of the country going!
Getting an honour for essentially Rowing down an obstacle course ?   Running fast ?  Cycling quite quickly ?..  What an absolute joke our country is becoming.

Winning a medal at the Olympics should be enough reward for doing your hobby.  Those in the past who deserved their Knighthoods or other special rewards would be turning in their graves to see how easy these things are now handed out.
these things are like trinkets from a lucky bag these days so I wont go any further in case I offend someone.
I think it's good to see some people honoured for investing a considerable amount of time and effort in achieving their goals and dreams. However, there are quite a few of these where an award appears to have been issued for no real contribution. 

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