Thursday, December 27, 2012

My newspaper articles

Did not really have time to comment on what was in the newspaper but have listed some of the things I found interesting which some of you may have missed over the holiday

We're on our way to Britain: In a year up to 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians will have the right to settle in Britain and claim benefits. And many from the gipsy community can hardly wait to get here
    Since EU borders were opened up in 2004, 1,114,368 Eastern Europeans have uprooted to live in England
    And more are set to arrive over the next 12 months, tempted by tolerance and a host of benefits

Senior Roman Catholic Bishop links push for gay marriage to Nazi attack on religion in controversial Christmas sermon
    Right Reverend Mark Davies will use his midnight Mass to say marriage can only be between a man and a woman
    The Bishop of Shrewsbury will say that both  Hitler and Stalin challenged Christianity with the notion that what they were doing was ‘progress’

Archbishop of Westminster attacks gay marriage plan
Archbishop of Westminster: "I think there is something of a sham going on"
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The Roman Catholic Church's leader in England and Wales says government plans for gay marriage are a "shambles".
Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols told the BBC the government had no mandate to push through same-sex marriage laws in England and Wales.
And in his Christmas Eve sermon he said that marriage between men and women shares in "the creative love of God".

Middle class care bill fiasco: PM backed £35,000 cap on fees... now elderly couples face paying as much as £150,000
    Couples could face £150,000 care bill under new plans
    Cameron initially backed £35,000 contribution cap, now it could be £75,000
    Older people face selling their homes to cover costs

Britain struck a deal with EU countries to send their criminals home. So how many have gone? NONE
    Since December 2011 prisoners from within the EU can be forced to serve their sentence in their home country
    Previous government allowed opt outs for Poland and Ireland, the two countries with the most inmates serving time in Britain
    Meanwhile 38 prisoners were returned to the UK

It is utterly mind-boggling for Cameron to break a vow to his core voters over gay marriage while pandering to a tiny minority

'Stop focusing on 0.1 per cent': High Court judge attacks Government for time spent on gay marriage when families are in crisis
    Criticism follows negative comments from prominent Catholics
    Sir Paul Coleridge said husbands and wives need Cameron's support

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