Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Plank and other right wing veiws

Watched the film "The Plank" with Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes first time in 20 years a slapstick comedy No Bad language, No Sex, No Violence yet still funny modern day comedians could learn a lot from them. This is a very English Comedy so some of you might not appreciate it have put the first 50 minutes below if you get time over Christmas try and watch it

Royal nurse found hanged after taking DJs' hoax call about pregnant Duchess of Cambridge had tried to kill herself twice before last year

Sorry to say I told you so

Missing Briton 'kidnapped' by FBI and facing life in prison: Family stunned as man stripped of his UK passport appears in New York court

Must be innocent his parents says he was lovely boy would not harm anyone he is an idealist???????

A football was kicked out of our trenches and we played the Germans': Poignant letter recounting famous 1914 Christmas Day truce rediscovered nearly 100 years on
 I was told my German Grandfather took part in this his name was Willie Schuller John has all his medals

Britain needs immigration: Extraordinary open letter from Vince Cable's wife hits back at MoS columnist who wrote of 'alien nation' - and backs husband's mansion tax

What a stupid women I bet she has a nice income what does she know about being ordinary member of the public and of workman losing their jobs because of Cheap Foreign Workers?

Same-sex pension ruling to cost £90m after former cavalry officer wins landmark legal battle
  • John Walker, 61, took chemical company Innospec to court
  • Firm refused to pay widow's pension to his partner of 19 years in the event of his death
  • Tribunal rules he was discriminated against under European law
I think most of you know my views on the Pink Mafia and homosexuals  in general but have to agree with the judge on this case but then I believe Civil Partnerships should be available to all and let religion deal with marriage

'I've not had diversity training, so I can be a bit tactless': Extraordinary excuse from the Tory MP who claimed parents don't want gay children  
  • David Davies, 48, caused outrage saying parents don't want gay children
  • Monmouth MP says he is 'tactless' and that thoughts are 'hard to articulate'
  • Says he is 'changing' and now owns a Boy George CD which he 'loves'

Stop making excuses you are totally right no parent in their right mind would want a homosexual or Lesbian Child and what is wrong with a Politician being tactless and saying what the great majority are thinking

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