Friday, December 28, 2012

Doctor Who and Gay Marriage

You may think I am paranoid but years ago subliminally message to advertise products were made illegal. Yet I believe this is still happening today in the making of Drama’s on TV especially with the BBC
I am a Doctor Who fan and have been since it first appeared on TV, for those who watched the Christmas edition you would have seen the Doctor fighting the Snowman with the help for two females from the future. On several occasion the females referred to themselves as being married or would say my wife; the disclosure had nothing to do with the plot so why was it included?  Why was included when there is a massive debate on Gay Marriage?  It portrayed those in the future and those who save the World accepted Gay Marriage as the norm and was acceptable, therefor good.

It may sound ridiculous but this programme has done the same sort of thing in the past and you have to admit it is a very clever way of promoting a particular view by not over emphasising something but just dropping small little remarks to influence a very young audience.

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