Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Plays

Christmas Plays not forgotten

For some years the Political Correctness Zealots and the Secular Movement have been doing there best to try and ban all religious festivals. Some examples changing the name of Christmas to Winter Fest, calling Christmas Trees, Holiday trees etc. Much has been done to destroy Christian virtues and even Christianity itself despite the fact the fact that 70% of the British public said they were Christian. What really raised my spirits was that the Sittingbourne News printed several pages of photographs of different schools throughout the area performing Nativity plays. Plays showing the birth of Christ, I have often wondered if schools ever teach Christianity but when it comes to Primary and Junior schools I was wrong. Thank you Sittingbourne News for uplifting my spirit

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

True nature of marriage' will be lost to schoolchildren if gay wedding plans go ahead, warn's leading Catholic archbishop
    Archbishop of Westminster says change would send wrong message
    Urges followers to write to their MPs to oppose the proposal
    Remarks are latest attack from senior Catholic on David Cameron's plans

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