Thursday, December 27, 2012

email from maggie

Hi Martin I agree with your sentiments as you can't make the donkey drink water even when you have shown it the water bowl. But I must say politics is something not all are interested in but I agree again they should be. I for one would like you to carry on with your blogs as they are interesting and a lot of the times to the point . So my request is more on carers and there rights to a fair benefits payment plus there rights to work without having to give up there benefits. Plus more on Crime and the UK out of date justice system which is in favour of the criminals with no help or support for the victims . On this same subject the new victims commissioners job has been made part time when the old job was full time. Louise Casey left that job as she offered a job dealing with criminal reform on a full time basis And my last one Europe and its pitfalls and benefits .

Maggie .  

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