Sunday, December 16, 2012

Suicide and Obama

Suicide in the Roman Catholic faith is considered a Mortal Sin if the person committing the act is an a right healthy state of mind, the fact you are committing suicide must suggest this is not the case. Someone who commits suicide saving or protecting others is not considered a sin.

So why have I brought the subject up? Well it is the case of the Indian Nurse who committed suicide; there can be no doubt that she was not in her right mind but are we honestly to believe she performed the act because of a practical joke?  I thought the actual phone call was quite funny the same way I used to laugh at Candid Camera so why are the World Press, media and Politicians castigating the Radio presenters or they trying to drive them into suicide will that make them feel better and will it bring back the dead nurse? She performed a very selfish act and had no thought of the devastation that it has caused her family but she can be forgiven for all this if she was unstable and could not think right that is the Christian Philosophy. Of course we must all sympathise with her family but why was there a memorial Westminster Abby do they have memorials there for every one who committed suicide NO. Politicians like Keith Vass have jumped on the bandwagon he is of Indian Origin so is he playing the race card? Certainly the Hospital should revise their security but to have some massive governmental enquire is ridiculous unless they do it for every Suicide which they will not do because it will not be news worthy. With all the hype you will never find out the truth if it goes against what everyone is saying.

We should all pray for the nurse’s demented soul and for her family and hope she will at last have peace.

A more fitting memorial at Westminster Abby will be on for the Children murdered by that nut case in the USA. Stop and say a prayer for them and their families

Not to sure about Obama's speech on the death of the children to me it sounded staged as if his advisors had told him how long to pause etc. Top US politicians and some in GB never say anything without rehearsing it several times to me they are not to be trusted.

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