Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reply to Ashley Wise Will it get Printed?

Below is a reply to a letter that was in the Sittingbourne News, I very much doubt if it will be printed  as I have mentioned in previous Blogs this Newspaper will not advertise my Blog because they do not want to print individuals thoughts? strange when you read the letter from the Gentleman mentioned above but then he puts he is prospective Labour Candidate and this same paper says they do not mind comments from politicians. So now I have made myself a Prospective Candidate for the local Council for the BlogSpot party PROSPECTIVE being the optional word. See attached copy of his letter

My Blog must be getting circulated because yesterday I had my first anonymous reply, I have a filter which doesn't allow such contributors but I would have loved to have read it. Why do people not have the courage to put a name to themselves they seem a gutless group

Ashley Wise thinks that Homosexuals getting marriage is next logical step on the contrary it is illogical The Institute of Marriage has worked extremely well over thousands of years it is design to unify families and for the reproduction of Children in a stable environment. So why is it logical for Homosexuals and Lesbians to get married? I agree that if two people of the same sexed with abnormal sexual desires want to make a legal partnership to protect their interest that makes sense hence we have the Civil Partnership

He suggest that polls favour Homosexual Marriage that is rubbish there are as many polls that say the opposite. Nobody I know, and I have a large BlogSpot following have ever agreed to this type of Marriage but if I had abnormal sexual preferences I expect my followers would be of the same elk and the response would be different

Gordon Henderson MP has always maintained that he believed Marriage should be between a Man and Women

This Homosexual/Lesbian Marriage is not about equality it is about inequality to Normal Sexed people because Gay people have already a legal partnership called Civil Partnership, which is for same sexed couple only, not for normal sexed people. In fact a recent courts case by two sisters who wanted a civil partnership so they could protect their assets were refused because they were sisters and not Lesbian the European Court upheld the ruling so If Gays are allowed to Marry they will have extra rights so can you explain how that is equality and they are given preferential treatments when it comes to Employment etc. because of Positive discrimination. Sometime pretending to be Gay gives you a better chance of getting a Job especially in Kent Police

As for believing the three Millionaire leaders of the 3 main parties I would suggest you think again as none of them has Gay Marriage in their manifesto so therefore no mandate

Finally I find it incredible that the Homosexual and Lesbian community have so much influence over Politicians, Media and the entertainment industry when according to the last Government Census they only represented 1.5% of the total British Public, so how is that equality?

I do not agree with Gay Marriage, I believe the Homosexual act is a sexual deviance and I do not believe in Homosexuals or Lesbians adopting Children Yet I believe we should not have discrimination when it comes to Jobs, Housing etc. as a person sexuality has little or nothing to do with nearly every issue I can think off. So let get rid of Positive Discrimination and stop discriminating against Heterosexual males and if same sexed people want to share their live together let them under a Civil Partnership

Martin Clarke
Prospective Council Candidate for Roman Ward

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