Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I do not understand how these Supermarket work? We already have a large Sainsbury’s and ASDA in the Town plus an ALDI plus several Tesco Expresses plus Co-op  so you would have thought we were full but no we have a Morrison’s Opening soon and Tesco want to redevelop the Station Area.  Every business know that there is no infinite number of people who need your services and when you get an over abundance of a Service 2 things can happen all of them make very little money or some of them go out of business. So why have all these Supermarket giants opened in Sittingbourne? Do they know something we don’t?
The politicians will tell you they create work true but low paid work and lets be honest Morrison’s do have a very good record of employing local people preferring Eastern Europeans as for Tesco the Unions do not put them top of the list as good employers so I am told.
With rumours floating about how one of our Major Traditional Businesses is threatening closure in 6 months one must ask where will people get there money to buy stuff? 

Martin Clarke

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