Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cameron must go


This Prime Minister has been the biggest let down since World 2, he reneged on so many things promised in election pledges and has proved that Politicians are not be trusted.

Here is just short list of want has not happened

1) We still have the European Court on Human Rights overriding British Law
2) We are still not guaranteed a Referendum on the EU
3) There are no constraints on new EU regulations and law
4) Immigration Net migration to the UK falls, but remains at more than double the government's target of fewer than 100000 a year. These are the one they can check
5)Unemployment in the UK now stands at 2.51 million.“Employment has risen by 510,000 since the election, but most of this is attributable to foreign-born workers. They are still coming to our flatlining economy and finding work at a rate of 500 people a day, twice the rate for British born workers.The number of working-age foreign-born people in the UK increased from 2.9 million in 1993 to nearly 6 million in 2011
6)A quarter of all babies born in the UK are the children of immigrants as mothers from Poland, India and Pakistan give birth in record numbers
7) Gay Marriage including Churches is to be forced through Parliament despite an overall objection by the Public
8)Ken Clarke's reforms could still cut prison population, all this does is put more criminals on the street he even wanted to cut the prison discount for 50% too 33%. That means  someone sentence 5 years in real terms means 2.5 years if he had his way it would be 1.65 years

There many other things where he is letting the Country down, the Conservative Party need to sack him and get someone who has the guts to carry out what they promised and not that buffoon Boris Johnson who is just another toffee nosed rich public school boy who has no idea of what the ordinary man is.

The Tories on the their performance to day will be certainly lose the next election but who will we get instead Not the LiBDem's they are the problem with this present Government as for Labour it is because of them we have all the problems listed above. 

The Tories need to amalgamate with UKIP and have Nigel Farage as its leader.

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