Monday, December 17, 2012

Mobiles in Cinema

The addiction this country has with the mobile phone and tablets is becoming extreme.  Sunday I was at nice little café in Headcorn been going there for years and in they come the grandmother, mother, daughter all on their phones talking loud enough for people to here every word. The conversation was important i.e. telling someone the newspaper was under the chair. As one of them ordered she stops mid sentence and says “One moment I have a tweet’ it turns out they found the newspaper to confirm this they sent a text as well.  As they were leaving the young girl says “Hang on I have to check Facebook” PATHETIC
Yet it does not stop there I recently went to the Cinema at a Multiplex in Ashford, I thought great picture quality great sound, as soon as the lights dimmed the phones were on some ringing some showing lights from the phone I thought that was bad enough until some starting switching their Ipad on and watching another film could not get worse Oh yes it can, some one brought a baby in who started howling, instead of the stupid mother taking the baby out she started singing to it. That will be the last trip to the Cinema I can assure you, I can remember the days a whisper in the Cinema would be followed by a SHUSH and torch light on the offender from the usher have we totally forgotten what good manners and respect for others mean

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