Saturday, December 15, 2012

Learn the language - & 7 year old thug

Unlimited Immigration into this country, which was orchestrated by the last Labour Government, has not just cause millions of British Subjects to be made unemployed it has caused social problems as well.
A Catholic School recently reported that 30% of its school were from foreign parents and many of the children being unable to speak little or no English as such are holding other children back. It is expected if immigration continues in the same way within 10 years the school will only have 10% genuine English Children. This is not just in Religious based schools it is also happening in Senior schools I know of one example where a boy is in a class who can’t speak a word of English. Another example is a playschool where a child is taken to the group he speaks very little English his Polish mother is quite proficient, his father speaks very little English and the grandmother who brings him every morning speaks no English what so ever. So you can imagine in his home all they speak is Polish another example my plumber went for a job on a building site and the first question he was asked was “Do you speak Polish” needless to say working on an English building site he did not think it would be a requirement to speak a foreign language.
I quite understand someone wishing to keep their heritage alive  and would encourage their offspring to lean their mother tongue. My mother was German when she came to England to marry my father after World War 2 she could speak perfect English in fact one of her first jobs was teaching English in a local school. She insisted my brother and myself learnt German and for 1 hour a day nothing but German was spoke in the house. Yet I agree totally with the Government that all people coming to live in this country should speak English and must pass a test before they are resident Status.

While on the subject of children I was told of an incident that happened at a primary school. It seems 5 seven year olds chased and caught another seven year old who they knocked to the ground where they punched and kick him, they then picked up some kids toys and started to beat him with them. This was the third time this had happened and the school played it down to high spirits, the father had enough and threated to call in the Police. This made the School stand up; they called the parents of the offenders in and told them what had happened. Most were shocked and dumfounded, saying they would deal with their offspring.  Yet all’s well that ends well NO the ringleader of this group funny enough the smallest one there came into school the following day and bragged to his mates that he never got told off. He went on to say his father told him to punch anyone in the face if they caused trouble and he would take his samurai sword to any dad who would interfere.  I found the latter hard to believe but what concerned me was where does a 7 years old get these ideas from?
I never experienced any of this type of thing when I was at school, yes there were fights and like most things in life there is always a pecking order but not this type of gratuitous violence and disregard for another human being. This same boy went on holiday for 2 weeks the bullying stopped and the boys all played together, the school at long last recognised the culprit and watch him better late then never. He should grow up to an interesting adult

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