Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taste of Portugal and Donna

Some of you must be saying, “Why is he sending so many Blogs?” Well I have caught up with all my work and I am bored like to keep the brain ticking away but let me know if it is to much for you and will delete you from my mailing list which is growing by the day.

Everywhere I look there seems to be bad news so hopefully I have some good news. Donna (Daughter) and Valerie (wife) are now talking after nearly 5 years of ignoring each other so that is good. She and Connie her daughter have moved into a new 2 bedroom flat in the nice part of Kemsley she had to borrow money from me because that louse of an ex husband would not keep up the payments on the mortgage some Father

I am pleased to see Carlos and his good lady Kim have a new pub they were managers of the Oak and left week ago last Sunday and have moved into the Globe and Engine near the Station. It only took them a week to get set up had a little help from my son John and some of his pupils from SCC. The atmosphere there is great it will be renamed the Taste of Portugal and will be a Café/bar more like they have on the continent. The food is great and I can recommend it so give it a try. He will be opening at 6am Monday till Saturday to catch the commuters so they can get there Coffee and croissant at a reasonable price, on there first night of opening they had 37 covers. Any rate I will be down there Friday with John Vicky and the boys and if any of you are about Christmas Eve Dinner time I have reserved a table by the fire for myself and the Christmas Eve club plus anyone who wants to join me.

More to come later will be back to my own political ways again

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