Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Eve

This New Years Eve Celebration was one of the best in years; we went to the Globe and Engine (Taste of Portugal) and it was a really pleasant evening. Val droves us up there she did not drink and all I had was a Jug of Sangria and the following morning was when I realised the benefits of not dinking to much mind you I expect it put my sugar levels up. The Pub/Restaurant offered a New Year Eve meal for just £20 a head and what a bargain that was the first courses was Battered calamari, Fresh Prawns, cooked prawns, cheese, mixed hams, garlic mushrooms and bread. Salted cod with salad or pork with veg and lastly Portuguese Christmas Cake followed this. The music started, with over 50% of the customers being Portuguese, we had Portuguese music this was great, then came the Karaoke I had my rendition of “Whiskey in the Jar,”” I’ll tell me Ma“(both were played to fast) and I finished with “Its all over now” plus we had some Portuguese karaoke, plus you can guess what was played at Midnight Yes Gang Gang Stand. This still was not the end as we were treated to a Firework display, Bowl of Soup a free bottle of Sparkling wine all for £20 even their Christmas Dinner was only £20 what a bargain no wonder they are getting bookings

All the best No hangover Martin

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