Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday, Drugs, Obama, cheating Lituanian

Never been a big one for birthdays with the exceptions of notable ones 18, 40. 50, 65, 80. Why we go bonkers on Birthdays a day something we did not have anything to with is beyond me. Things I have been directly involved in creating should be celebrated i.e Wedding Anniversary etc. By now you will have guessed it was my Birthday today so I am in a bad mood getting old is not all it is cracked up to be. The one positive thing I can say about reaching 63 it is not 64

I have just watched a programme on TV where they were advocating the legalization of all Drugs
Comments by a scientists was it will take a minimum of 5 years to test these so called recreational drugs before they can be released, they continued by saying alcohol is causing more problems then drugs so why legalize another substance that can cause harm? If we never had tobacco and someone tried to introduce it now would we legalize it? Surely once drugs are legalized wouldn’t the usage increase as it was legal and considered safe?
They say there has been a massive increase in drug use in the last 40 years is that a reason to legalize it? Surely the last 40 years has seen a slow erosion of morals and ethics in the UK. With people especially the young in society to have the pure aim of personal gratification hence the increase in Alcohol and Drug abuse, the relegation of sex to just a popular pastime and no respect for other people and property, maybe this needs to be examined.
People know the effects of drugs, they know it can kill so why should the taxpayer bear the burden of their selfishness, time the individual to take responsibility and be accountable for their action. Stop making excuses for those who take drugs for they keep the drug dealers in business. Fill the prisons with drug takers that will send a message out to the future generation that drug taking is bad, make them realise that taking drugs gives you a criminal record and can affect future prospects

Obama doesn’t tell Sth Korea to be part of China... so why should we be a bit of the EU?

You’re a soft touch
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