Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Electric price increase of 94%

I have just had a revue of my Electric prices for the Martial Arts club it is due for renewal in a couple of months, they initially wanted a rise of 94% can you believe that. I telephoned and complained and managed to bring it down to 10% fixed for two years this I think is still to high but there are no better deals around.

Radio 4 every morning at about 7.45am they have “thought for the day” this is a spot given to religious speakers to give a point of view. I find them quite interesting and find all of them seem to preach the same type of morality. Today I listened to Lord Singh a Sikh Guru who spoke about the treatment of women through the ages, with reference to the rape case in India. The most boring of all the speakers are the Church of England one they speak in a monotone voice that sends you to sleep, I wonder if they are taught to give sermons in this way as I have occasionally listened to some Sunday services and switch of in minutes.

Pleased to see that the government is to give tax incentives to married couples next they want give financial help to mothers prepared to stay at home and look after the kids rather then pay someone else to look after them. Heard of one women on the TV claiming that she is worse of by £400 pcm by going back to work as she has to pay for childcare. 1) she must be on good money to lose £400 a pcm 2) she can’t think much of her children if she puts work before her kids 3) She obviously has no financial sense if she is to give up £400 pcm

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