Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have a bit of time on my hand so expect a few Blogs

Yesterday I watched a film about an IRA informer, this jolted my memory to what they called in N Ireland  “The Troubles” . The IRA Murderers were hell bent on destroying the democratic system so they could form a United Ireland and 1998 there was the Good Friday Agreement which all sides in this conflict got together to stop the Violence. What struck me about this event was not the inordinate money that eventually went on the Bloody Sunday enquires but the fact the IRA never got their UNITED IRELAND. So the IRA lost the conflict! Every part of the Good Friday agreement could have been achieved through the Democratic process and most probably less time So why did these IRA murderers and their sympathisers go through this stage of murder and mayhem? Now we have another IRA in operation who want to bring back those days of violence and they also will achieve nothing. Until these idiotic Irishman forget the Myth of a heroic group of soldiers fighting for the freedom of its people calling itself the IRA and realise they are nothing but criminal thugs they will never be Free .

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