Saturday, January 05, 2013

More from the Gay Mafia

Now the ridiculous Church of England  have said that Homosexuals can become Bishops if they are in a Civil Partnership as long as they are celibate, that like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Why can't this church of convenience stick to the scriptures? It is the homosexual act that most religions ban, they can not stop someone being homosexual. If someone doesn't want to abide by the rules laid down by the scriptures leave there are plenty of weirdo religions which will accept practising Homosexualls.

Most religious doctrine  have a reason for doing things, certain religions will stop you eating pork or diary products why because in hot counties both go off quickly and damage peoples health, banning alcohol was most probably introduced when the populace was in a state of turmoil because of alcohol excess. The same goes for the homosexual act which usually means anal sex which is extremely dangerous practice for male and females. Find out more by reading

Until 1967 being homosexual was illegal  and rightly so in that year it became legal to be homosexual, legal but not publicly acceptable but as years went by most of would say what someone does in their bedroom is their business. This would change as  the likes of Stonewall and their leader Tatchell started a campaign to get extra rights for Homosexual and create a minority who believe they are superior to normal people and when the Labour Government under Tony Blair came into power in 1997 they had a government that would help them gain their position of superiority. Even the English Catholic Church gave them preferential treatment by allowing them to have Mass just for Gay people thankfully the Catholic Archbishop has stopped this and told these Gay Catholics go to a normal mass as they are not superior to anyone else he also reminded them Catholic doctrine forbids the practice of homosexual sex and is classified as a sin. He reminded Gay Catholics they should remain celibate.

What amazes me is that Homosexuals who are only 1.5% of the population have gained so much power, would another group be allowed to be such a position? NO. Can you imagine a group people who are engaged in Bondage being allowed preferential treatment when applying for a Job NO. So the real difference between them and the rest of society is their preference to a perverted sexual activity. So why should they receive positive discrimination?

One thing the Pink Mafia can proud of is to encourage homophobia and see the actual break up of the Church of England and what for ? just so they can say their sexual habits are normal, well sorry that will never be accepted.

I am often accused of being homophobic, I feel sorry for them having this genetic fault but what I objected to is that a very small minority having so much power. History has told us that small minorities with power end up becoming a dictatorship. How long before letters like this will be banned and people like me put in prison for sedition?

Since writing this piece I have been to my local pub where there is a Gay Couple who are in a civil partnership. Now the only reason I know this is because I was told by other people, these two guys just want be treated like everyone else in the pub and they are. Yet it would be different if they were shouting their heads of about their sexual preferenc. In fact a couple of nice blokes

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