Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas is finished

Thank God Christmas is over the longest unwanted holiday.

I enjoy Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day but the rest NO. Numbly boring. Things have changed so much over the years all of us are far better off then we were in the 1950’s 60’s and I do mean every one. Back then you worked till midday Christmas Eve had Christmas and Boxing day then back to work, every now and then Christmas would fall on a Thursday or Monday so you got a weekend as well. Christmas was a special feast as well as a religious festival, food eaten at this period  would be a special treat as was alcohol, how many of us would have alcohol in the house all the year round. Television was in its infancy so Christmas TV was a special occasion, as for presents these were special as a child there were only two occasions in a year you got toys etc. that was birthdays and Christmas. Let be quite honest there was nothing I had eaten or drunk over Christmas that I could not have had all the year round all we do is have more of it

The real reason I am moaning is I have put on weight and I am in a foul mood. For a year I have kept a day-to-day diary of what I have eaten, drunk, my exercise regime, on a weekly basis I measure my Blood pressure sugar level (I am type 2 diabetic), pulse and weight. My blood pressure s still good 127/75, Pulse good 64, Sugar level up a little to 9.7 weight up to 148.5 kilo 23stone 5lbs. I kept up my training only deviated by not training Christmas and New Years day, it’s the weight I am angry with. In July 1 was 153-kilo 24stone 7lbs my lowest weight was just before Christmas when I reached 143.3-kilo 22st 7lbs. So over Christmas I put on 12 lbs. and did not over eat but I deviated had the odd chocolate, odd mince pie and certainly to many gin s on Christmas Eve. Was it worth NO now I am in a bad mood pity I can no longer to Judo/Sombo competitively because I could have beaten someone up when the club reopens Tuesday

Mind you I have lost 8 inches round the waist and Val tells me she can not get her arms around me and I thought she did not fancy me any more. She says If I get down to a 40 inch waste we can have relations again, Do not know what my weight has to do with her having her brothers and sister round?

Martin miserable Fat Person

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