Thursday, January 17, 2013

Milliband & Wongo

I listened to that weasel Labour Leader Ed Milliband apart from the fact his voice grates on me and he looks like at 18 year old Grammar school kid, he talks but never actually says a great deal. The only thing the interview got was that he does not want a referendum and does not want the British people to have a say on their future. The Local Labour and LibDem politicians are the same when it come to Europe all they say is NO to a referendum and never give a reason why the British Public should not have a say in it. This ploy to me is deliberate as will split the 60% of the population who want to get out of the EU into two camps vote Conservative or UKIP and let Labour into Office at the next election, through the back door along with their natural partner the LibDem. A Cameron government is bad enough but can you imagine a Milliband Government with all its regulations and PC

Wonga warns it is ready to use debt collectors to chase customers who fail to pay out
    The payday loan company has said it plans to start using debt collection agencies to chase outstanding payments
    MPs expressed fears the plan could lead to customers being 'harassed' by 'aggressive' collection firms

If you borrow money of course you have to pay it back if not face the consequences and if you are stupid enough to go to these sharks who’s fault is that? Before all the bleating hearts start gathering find out why these people need to loan money they should be responsible for their life style not us the tax payer

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