Monday, January 07, 2013

UKIP plus Child Benefit

UKIP on 16%  So expect a Labour Landslide as most of that 16% are Conservatives and who can blame them with Cameron and his cabinet renegading on practically everything, I will be voting for Gordon Henderson at the next election not because he is a tory but because he is a good MP but if I lived in a constituency that had a Pro EU, Pro Gay Marriage  Conservative MP I would vote UKIP.

There is a big row brewing over taking Child Benefit from people earning over £50,000, I have a problem with why we should give any benefit for people having children. You have children it is either your choice or your mistake if you can not afford them you should be able to claim hardship the idea of universal child benefit is ridiculous as is universal child care. Enough of that we have the system and not much will be done about it. When training in gym I listen to the radio and most mornings I train between 10 and 11so I get to hear "Women's Hour" this is a really middle class program not just catering for the middle class but also fronted by middle class women, On today's program they were all condemning those on £50, 000 not getting child benefit, one women complained that she would have to get rid of her cleaner! So the child benefit goes to pay for a cleaner? What planet do these people live on can not manage on £50,000 well do not have children. Another complained she was a single parent and would lose out, well where is the father of the child? get him to cough up more. Why should the tax payer fund your problems

Deport first, ask questions later: 'Fed up' Cameron reveals plans to remove terror suspects before they launch appeals
  • New proposals will mean deportees can only appeal while in UK
  • Measures will stop the likes of Abu Qatada using human rights claims
  • Could remove 4,000 foreign rapists and muggers from Britain's streets


Enough illegal migrants to fill three cities the size of Newcastle: Home Office reports that 863,000 are living in the UK
  • Figures show 70% of the 863,000 illegals live in London
  • 10,000 allowed to stay after 14-years of hiding from Government
  • Most thought to come from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh
When ever I ask questions about how many NON UK SUBJECTS work in Swale you never get a reply

Cameron vows to curb EU migrants' benefits and only allow working immigrants into Britain in new relationship with Brussels
  • PM said only working immigrants should be allowed into Britain
  • Suggested new restrictions on the benefits available to incomers from EU
  • Also warned he intends to block moves to allow eurozone nations to come closer together

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