Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Interesting articles

Interesting Articles

But why pick on mothers who stay at home?

Totally Agree with the these two comments

The idea that you are paid to have children is ludicrous. The same goes for the annual winter fuel allowance. Any system where you are entitled to payments no matter what your income is senseless. If these benefits were means tested and were going to people who needed them than fine but to hear people who are earning £60,000 and more complain that they are having them taken away makes me cringe with shame.
- Nettle , London, United Kingdom, 09/1/2013 11:05

Children benefit so much from having a parent at home, focusing on them in their early years. I'm sorry but they just do. A full time nursery place is stressful and just doesn't replace being cared for at home. A nanny doesn't replace mum and dad. The sad truth is if you become a mum or dad YOU are the very best option in raising your baby and everything else is second best. Your time and your attention is the the most valuable gift you can give.That's why if you can find a way to do financially you should try to do it and the government should help not hamper. These babies will be supporting us all in our old age in years to come - remember that aggrievied non- parents.
- Nickyg , London, 09/1/2013 11:07

Imperial weights and measures will be back in the classroom in radical shake-up of maths lessons

I have never understood why we are forced to use just metric our Imperial Weights and Measures are OK. Some of the things like a Rod, a Chain  etc have not been used by me in my lifetime . Yet we often use Imperial in our day to day life . i.e he is 6 foot, thats a couple of inches, thats 30 foot high, he weighs 14stone, can I have couple of pound of apples, a pint of beer or a pint of milk, hot to day today must be the 80's, its 10 miles up the road, my car does 30 to the gallon. The only time I use metric is when I refer to Judo and Sambo weights i.e he is 100 kilo because that is what is used throughout out the world

EU demands access to details of all UK drivers: 'Orwellian' move to hand out personal information to foreign police forces
  • Foreign police also want open access to the UK’s national DNA database
  • But MPs and civil liberties groups fear identity mistakes will lead to Britons being wrongly accused of crimes

Even more reason to leave the EU

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