Friday, January 11, 2013

Legalise sex at 14

Lower the age of consent to just FOURTEEN, say civil servants... and let's make nudity on the streets legal too
    Civil servants were asked for ideas to cut state intrusion into everyday life
    'Outrageous' suggestion to lower consent age was rejected by ministers
    But reforms to nudity laws are still being considered, sources say

If we legalising sex at 14 will have to legalise marriage at 14, Schools will have to install crèches, the tax payer will have to pay for housing for 14 year olds and their children, the taxpayer will have to pay subsistence for 14 years old to live together. If as the report suggests the age children have sex is as young as 13, three years below the legal requirement and no one is being prosecuted then the logic would be the age would drop to 10 if the legal age is 14.  The liberal left Cameron included have allowed the morals in this country to fall into a pit. Schools should teach sex within Marriage or at least a stable relationship at an age when they can fend for themselves. Instead of the present system where sex is taught as an enjoyable past time, start prosecuting those who have  sex under 16 make them realise they are doing wrong, treat single mothers with contempt and worst of  all are the fathers who not will take any responsibility for their action. If a girl get pregnant while at school the parents should pay for the up keep of their daughter till they are 18 even if they leave home and the fathers should be dragged through the courts if they do not pay maintenance, if the boy is under 18 the parents of him should pay. I am fed up having to pay for other people’s mistakes

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