Thursday, January 03, 2013

My first thoughts on 2012

The New Year is here so what should we expect from 2013 as far as I am concerned a lot of the same. I have an interest in politics (yes really) but I am struggling to see any real difference between any of them. I had great hopes when Labour was ousted the Tories promised that they would do so much but have failed on nearly every issue, the only Minister in the Government who doing something to change things is Ian Duncan-Smith who through his welfare reforms may stop the Billions of pounds of fraud and make staying on the dole not a better option then working. Problem is it will become increasingly difficult for those forced of the dole to get a job when we have such high immigration in this country, last year 9 out of 10 jobs went to foreigners. You cannot blame them for wanting a better life but you can blame British Employers including Government Department for employing them instead of British Workers. Until British Employers are penalised for employing foreign workers nothing will happen and the major culprit are the large Multi Nationals who only interest is profit and greed. There has been a suggestion put forward that no one will be able to claim any benefits in the UK until they have worked here and contributed for 5 years?  Will that happen NO? The answers are to get out of the European Union and did this Cameron not promise us a referendum on Europe? Will there be one? I very much doubt it, already Cameron is fudging it by saying he will offer a referendum on re-negotiation with the EU, this not what the British Public want. In all probability we will have a Labour government and they will offer a referendum as will all the other parties but all them will fudge it none will give a date and all them will come up with words that can mean anything they want it to mean. Not one will say we will have a Referendum on the EU on such a date and the question will be “do you wish to remain a part of the EU”

The country is in massive debt and the Chancellor is right to say we all have to take the burden and rightly so we should cut down on benefit fraud but what annoys me is that we will be spending Billions of pounds on over seas aid to countries who are quite capable of dealing with their own problems and to countries that have massive fraud.  Ask yourself should countries who are receiving aid and have massive poverty be participating in the Olympics not only sending teams but with their government officials staying in luxury in top hotel ?I also notice top civil servants continue to get above in inflation pay rise plus get a very good pension on top they go out with a Knighthood for doing a well-paid job. I am pleased to see that he is getting to grips with these Multi Nationals who are not paying their taxes. I do not object to an individual making money especially if they are producing something i.e. Farmers producing crops, a company making car parts etc. but I do object to people becoming Millionaires out of tax payer money the EU is a prime example, here is an organisation that produces nothing not even money and relies on taxpayers to fund their very lucrative life styles and I have to say the same about Bank Managers. We continually here of people being paid a Million pound a year how can anyone be worth that sort of money?  Surely there is no problem someone creating wealth but it should be for the benefit of everyone if a company can afford to pay a Manager a very high wage then it could afford to pay the workforce a good wage.

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