Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yanks stay out of our business and No wages for councillors

Don't hold poll on staying in EU, the US urges Cameron just weeks before announcement on in-out vote
    Prime Minister's long-awaited speech will rule out leaving the EU
    Cameron will pledge to renegotiate and then seek approval of voters

A recent comment from a member of the Obama administration says that the UK should stay in the EU. When you listened to his arguments for us staying in the EU it is all about what benefits the USA not what benefits the ordinary person in the UK, the same can be said about Richard Branson and 10 other leading businessman when they recently wrote an open letter saying that the EU was the best thing since sliced bread but for who? Of course for Richard Branson to make millions more and I wonder how much of that money stays in the UK? Then the Irish Prime Minster steps in and says the UK should stay in the EU, here is a country on the verge of bankruptcy because it joined the Euro of course they want us to stay in so we can continue to bail them out. If it is so good, why do we still put more into the EU then we get back?

Political row over councilors’ pay after report by MPs

It seems this Labour controlled Committee want to pay  more money to Councilors and they complain that the average of a councilor is 60. We  already have a problem with MP’s who are paid a good salary as a lot them enter Politics purely as a Job. This type of Politician has no concept of what the ordinary person is like let alone know what it is to have a proper job, most come out of university with plenty of theoretical ideas but with little practical knowledge What we want are MP’s with experience of life irrelevant of what Political Party they are in. The same goes for Councillors we want people with experience a pragmatic attitude to life NOT some spotty nose kid who is wet behind the ears who still in a utopian society. Older people not only have experience they have time to deal with problems and most importantly do not see their position as a paid position. They do it because they want to serve the Community a worthy cause to you want to see some who just treats as a Job with pay? Someone who will put their interest first because they want remain in the Job to collect a wage. MP’s are compromised in their beliefs because of money not all but many.
Our local MP Gordon Henderson has worked as a shop manager, he has owned his own restaurant, he has been county and borough councillor and he not a spring chicken. I wish all MP’s had his experience.
To make matters worse it seems all Labour Councillors give a proportion of their money to the Labour Party, so it looks like this is a ploy to fund the Labour Party. Can you imagine if every Volunteer were to be paid? Cameron and Clegg are hopeless but Labour just want to spend spend.


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