Saturday, January 12, 2013

Heseltine the Traitor

Lord Heseltine piles pressure on Cameron for his 'unnecessary gamble' over in out European referendum
    Former minister fuels Tory tension by urging Prime Minister to show caution
    Comments come after Chancellor George Osborne warns EU must change

So we now have another has been telling us what is best for us, you may remember this person he was a member of the Government that let Tony Blair in to power who in turn put us into the mess we are in. The man who put the knife into Maggie the best Prime Minister we have had since WW2. Once again these people are trying overriding the Democratic process of ignoring the electorate wishes. Now we have all the Billionaires, German Government, US Government and Austrian Government telling us we should not have a referendum. Why because they are looking after their own interest and not the interest of the British People. Their allegiance is to the EU Dictatorship 

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