Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Husband and wife

Today women who stay at home and take care of the Family Home are ridiculed called Slaves to their husbands or are not fulfilled in their life. This attitude annoys me a great deal for besmirching all those women who want to stay at home and look after the family especially the children. Now to do this is not always possible as with Valerie and myself when we first married and had children she had to work so we could survive but as soon as we were financial stable I got her to pack it up. The idea of a women having a child and then returning to work within months is deplorable especially if it is just for her selfish satisfaction, do they not realise their children need their mother or they just an object they have because their friends have one.
A good Husband and Wife team should be a true partnership, a team who have made the deliberate action of forming a legal and spiritual bond not just a couple who have shacked up with each other and refer to each other as “My Partner” as if this is some honourable relationship. My strong attributes are my business accruements and Valerie’s is her organisational ability in running the household, sometime the two combine, Valerie has been a great help in building my business yet her most important contribution has been taking the strain away from me with the household and bringing up the kids. Take tonight every Wednesday she has John round with his two boys, Susan with her two plus her and me for dinner. Yesterday I told her I had a business colleague coming round for Dinner as well, and at 1pm Donna telephone to say she was ill and could Connie come round after school. There was no histrionics just OK and when she gives a meal it is a proper cooked meal. Now I couldn’t or wouldn’t do that but what it proved is her ability to adapt to change quickly how many husbands can do that?

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