Friday, January 04, 2013

No reply to Immigration enquiry

It was recently reported that some local councils are refusing to releasing figures on the amount of immigrants claiming housing benefit, what have they got to hide?

I had the same sort of problem getting information on Immigrant workers who are employed in Swale; Rumours have been circulating for years about immigrants getting work before local people. As the Sittingbourne News would not respond to these accusations and make an investigation I took it on myself to try find out but have hit a brick wall. I have asked Leader of the Council and our MP if they could give me information on how to find the information on Immigrant work force in Swale, I was particular interested in Morrison’s as it has been said they were advertising in Poland for Jobs in the Sittingbourne department I find this hard to believe as much as I do that Swale people will not work nights at their depot because they are to lazy. Neither replied to my email and both are friends of mine, they are not the only ones I emailed several ministers and Government departments still no reply. So is Immigrant Employment a big Secret the public should not here about?

Have to be fair lots of organisation are the same I am President/Chairman of 3 different Combat Discipline organisation on many occasions I have the asked the International Governing bodies awkward questions once again they just do not reply the same goes for British Judo Association, British Wrestling Associations, Kent County Council, Swale Borough Council, UKSport I could go on. It seems this is standard practise with large organisations, which believe by ignoring something it will go away. In a lot of cases this maybe the case BUT not in mine.

I have never refused to reply to enquires, even if it is just a polite put off i.e. “I have received your letter and your comments have been noted” Which with emails take seconds.

A recent discussion over local newspapers threw up some really interesting comments I was told that the purpose of a local newspaper is firstly and most importantly to make money, secondly to report events. Thirdly not to cause controversy is that can effect sales and in turn cost us money. I then asked what about investigative journalism? I was informed that local papers do not have the resources to do investigative journalism nor the expertise plus it does not make money. Says a great deal about local newspapers and their demise, with local radio, TV and the web becoming ever more popular local papers will be a thing of the past in the not to distant future. For example the Sittingbourne News had a letter about some chap advocating Gay Marriage I put in a reply but as expected it was not printed, typical of local papers who formulate their own opinion and do not allow debate. I put the letter on my blog with the reply I sent I had just over a 1000 hits now in all honesty did that amount of people red the letter page?

So if you want voice your opinions get on the Blogosphere most of them are free and lets here what the public really think

Martin Clarke

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