Friday, January 25, 2013

What Choice Have You

So Dave has said we will have a Referendum after the next election an IN or OUT referendum, that’s if they if the Conservatives get back in. I detest this government a bunch of Rich Toffs telling us what should be doing and thinking. Yet think of the alternative a Labour Government, a government which wants to continue with the EU the way its is and refuses the British people a referendum and the right to choose their destiny, a party that put the Country on the verge of bankruptcy, a party who wants to rush into Political Correctness which will lead to massive loss freedoms for the British people, a party that will put the interest of small minorities before the majority. So a Labour government especially with that boy Milliband at the head of it, will be a disaster which will bring us to a United States of Europe. The LibDems are a lost cause the only party I could vote for with ease of conscience would be UKIP who has in Nigel Farage the best Prime Minister this country will never have. Yet to vote for UKIP will only put Labour Government back in power. So there is no choice at the next election you have to vote for the Conservative Party if you want save the UK from a fate worse then death.

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