Saturday, January 26, 2013

USA Email & Bugger the Bankers

Had an email from a friend in the USA in response to my Blog on the Holocaust, it seems OBAMA is not everyones favourite President, this is the same man who sticking his nose into the UK business. We had a Blair Government for 13 years and look at the UK now. So my Yankee friends you have a Black Blair and the outcome will be the same.

Also I attached a New Anthem

It was so nice of you to remember what you did.  Your mother would be proud of you and the things you remembered from your youth.  If you follow what is happening in the USA you will see a similarity.  We are getting the same treatment the Jews got from Hitler.  We have a  leader that will protect us.  All we have to do it give him our money and our guns.  Then they will protect us.  Problem is, even with our guns they can not protect us from the criminals, without the guns the criminals can't be stopped.  Only the bad guys will have the guns.   After spreading the wealth, as he wants, soon those who are working and providing the wealth, will not work, then everyone will be poor and dependent.  great plan. 

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