Saturday, January 19, 2013


Friday I was invited to a meal at the Taste of Portugal (Globe and Engine) one of the Portuguese lads John had his mother over so he wanted to treat her and meet a few people. On the menu was Paella, last time I had that was in the Basque region some 20 years ago and I got food poisoning so I was very dubious but I should not have worried it was delicious have suggested to Carlos the Chef to have a Paella Night. With free wine on the go Martin got a little tipsy good job Val was driving.

In May Poppy, Susan’s daughter, is taking her first Holy Communion
So I have included a Photo of my Daughters first Holy Communion. John and Susan never took Holy Communion seems it was the time of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and our priest was siding with the IRA and expecting us to pray for the likes of Bobby Sands and I thought no way am I supporting something like that.

Please read the letter from Migration Watch and to think this is England

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