Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lesbian Volley Ball

European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament

Yes can you believe this a Sport Tournament for Lesbians I also believe there is a tournament call the Gay Olympics, First thing one has to ask would they allow A hetro Sexual sports competition? Secondly what has persons sexual behavior got to do with the ability to do sports? You could understand it if Homosexuals and Lesbians were banned from the Olympics etc. BUT they are not. Did anyone ask the sexual preference of the Olympic medalists NO and who cared. Thirdly if I was a homosexual I would be deeply offended by this type of competition as it infers Homosexuals and Lesbians are not as good as Hetro Sexual people. Fourthly how do you qualify for events such as this do you just say I am GAY surely you would be asked prove it and if you were not in a gay relationship this would be difficult what if you are gay and celibate?

Once again Gay people are getting extra rights to those of us who are Hetro Sexual

That fool of a Mayor Boris Johnson welcomes the competition to London. Cameron is bad enough as Conservative leader but can you imagine Rich Kid from Posh School Boris being in charge. It seems the lunatics are taking over the asylum 
Martin Clarke

the son of an illegal immigrant asks his dad, "Dad, what's democracy?"
"Well, son, that's when the English work and we get all the benefits from it!"
"But Dad, aren't the English people unhappy about that?"
"Sure they are son, but that's called 'racism.'"

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