Friday, January 04, 2013

Letter to kent on Sunday

So MEP Catherine Bearder believes her diatribe on how we should stay in the EU is a true assessment of the EU The membership to the EU has been a costly one financial to the UK we put in more the we get out and it has been at a political cost where we have lost control of our laws etc to what in reality is an undemocratic organisation. An organisation that is run by unelected commissioners very similar to the the Soviet Unions Commissars. For Catherine Bearder to vote against anything the EU does,  is like Turkeys voting for Christmas. In 2010 according to the Daily Telegraph MEP's awarded themselves a £91,000 tax free expenses a year on top of their salary of £63,736 without having to provide any proof of expenditure. Our MEP's are some of the lowest paid because an MEP is paid the same as their countries MP's so can you imagine what the others get? Time to get out the EU Time to get our money back but will this happen? No neither Conservative, Labour or LibDems will give a referendum on an an In or Out of the EU. Why should they look at the money they can make as EU polaticians 

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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